Chapter 1, Page 7.

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lmfao Meat was hastily drawn. XD Are you all planning to trash me for that? If you are, I don’t mind. As my friend would say: “IT DOES LOOK LIKE SHIT!!!!!”


Chapter 1, Page 6.

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Stay tuned to pages 7 and 8 this Thursday… I might have access to a scanner that day. D:

Chapter 1, Page 5

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Chapter 1, Page 4

Okay so what I’m scanning isn’t twelve pages of shit, but deal with it. I been busy all week. >_< HOWEVER, I will post again tomorrow, NEGL. So watch this space!

Click to view full size. If you see pencil marks, that's because I didn't have my big eraser with me today. -_-

Hetalia Japan and Mao Asada

FFFFFFFFFFFF Much apologies for the lack of updates here! /o\ To make it up for lost time, I’m going to draw twelve pages of the story even though I have no storyline. NOT EVEN GOING TO LIE.

Here’s one to bridge the gap, featuring Kiku Honda (aka Japan) of Axis Powers Hetalia and Mao Asada of Japan, one of my fave skaters since Michelle Kwan. 😀

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Much apologies for how weird it looks. The paper was big and my friend’s scanner was a bit small to fit the whole thing in. -____-

This was supposed to be for the Mao’s birthday project back in early September but because my friend took a long time to scan it, I never got the pic in. But that’s all right. I’ll show it to you people anyway. XD

Trading cards

A while back, I brought a small pack of artist trading cards in Pearl Paint. I didn’t know what to make use of them (other than the fact I had to draw on them). Before I started this blog, I made special use of them to justify my $1.99 plus tax. XD So far, I’ve only drawn three (it was a pack of ten). Watch for them soon!

(Note: I’m not making money in drawing these cards or these pictures. These are just for shits and giggles and some fun. >_< )

All are original size.


Dell Geek (lol oops I forgot to sign this one)

Meeting Kicky

There’s stuff written on the back but I forgot to scan it, my bad.

Chapter 1, Pages 2-3

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